Thursday, March 29, 2012


Light and positivity are the way forward,
Now we need to open our hearts and minds to the postive light,
There is much beauty around and light workers need to embrace ,
When something angers you do not react immediately, stand back and ask how can I create a postive message from this?
How can I move forward? Incidentally Sharon together with her cousin Shelley do brilliant workshops.
We are planning quite a number of workshops in the coming year and have been invited to various places including Woodford National Spiritualist Church (, Balham Church, Rochester Square,Sevenoaks Spiritual Friends and have booked the Seekers Trust ( ourselves. We will be keeping people updated as to what is where here. Our first is a continuation of the "Sound Healing with Colour" at Woodford Church. Our date for the Seekers Trust is the 30th June. Book early as places are limited for this special venue in the Kent Countryside at a spiritual retreat an ideal place for our "Sound Healings with the Colours of the Archangels". For more details of all our courses email: or ring +4407927288904. We are available to serve churches, facilitate workshops and do readings (if you want a reading please email