Saturday, April 22, 2017

April 29th and more

It is now coming up to our big event in Woodford Spiritualist Church (
 next Saturday 29th April  and we are looking forward to seeing you all there.  We would like to say a big thank you in advance to all those who are help or donating their time to help raise funds for the sanctuary.  The day will start at 12.30, but we will be opening the doors at noon.  There will be readings available plus reflexology and hands on healing both spiritual, reiki and shamanic with Tracey Forde Robinson, Katalin Catherine Jones and Sam Prigmore.  These are available for £10 for 20 minutes.  We also have a large selection of mini workshops all at £2 each.  It will give you a taster of what is available. In the evening we have a Medley of Mediums with Martin Jones, Alan Albiston and Pauly Chaplin. Admission £5 starts at 7.30 pm.  I will be listing them in detail at the end of this post.  The picture on the left was sent to me by one of our students who was practising expanding her aura in a crowded train to get herself a space (it really does work). I am also including a picture of a lady from Kalamazoo Robin Jez who bought one of our naughty gnomes amongst other things, which are knitted to raise money for the sanctuary. Robin spends her time spreading love around the world and you can connect with her on facebook.  She is a lovely lady.  So please help her in this endeavour as we also feel if more smiles and love were sent out to the world there would be less conflicts.  I am sure you all agree with us. In May we have another ( (Sound Healing Workshop at West Wickham, but more details of this in our next post, which will be after Saturday. I might add that on May 13th we3 will be at one of Sue Cole's events in Kent (again more details next time)   Now to a list of the workshops:-
Room 1       12.45          -       The Healing Touch -  Katalin Catherine Jones
                      1.55          -        Healing with Sound  -  Daniel Naughnane
                      3.05          -        Kickstart Your Intuition - Susan Griffiths
                      4.15          -        Change Your Life (a beginners guide)  -  Sam Prigmore

Room 2         1.00          -        Your Authentic Self's Big Dream   -   Stephanie Barrows
                      2.10          -         Flora and other Femail Deities    -      Wendy Stokes
                      3.40          -         Connecting with your Divine Energy   -   David Irwin
                      4.40          -         Spring Time Traditions and Celebrations   -  Elizabeth Gale
                      5.45          -         Mindfulness in Everyday Life                    -  Martin Jones

Room 3         1.30          -         Doing it Right    -  Stevie Robinson
                      2.40          -         Gordon Higginson (a talk)     -   Haydn Clarke

Please book and pay for workshops on arrival as places are limited.  We may well have a discussion group in Room 3 around 3 pm where you can ask various mediums how their mediumship works for them as everyone is different. 


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