Monday, June 12, 2017

News and views

We do feel fortunate that we have been able to hire such a beautiful place to work.  The energies in the Friends Meeting House in Hemnall Street, Epping CM16 4LL are Ideal and the garden has an air of total peace.  Our workshop last Saturday with Sam Prigmore was interesting and we congratulate him on his endeavours and soon will be longer. Started at just one hour and have grown.  Our next workshop on the 23rd June is with Alan Albiston "Raising Your Vibration and Going with the Flow".  Our next workshop is on the Sunday 25th June 2017 at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( "The Healing Power of Colour and Sound", which starts at 11 am and finishes at 4 pm just £10 members and £12 non members.  Come and experience this gentle healing which will make you feel totally relaxed. We will be doing a similar one at Epping on the 8th July by request, which will start at  1 pm until 5 pm.  (doors open at 12.30 pm with met and greet.  Our CD is selling very well and you can now hear a taster on u-tube which can be bought from us or if you are in London at Clearly Destiny, 12 Woburn Walk, Bloomsbury, WC1H 0JL.  It has been selling very well and everyone who has bought it so far has been delighted with their purchase. So click on the link and see how you feel. We are also serving the small sanctuary run by Barbara Barnes at the Barkantine Hall, Westferry Road, Isle of Dogs and starts at 6.30 pm on 18th June.  

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