Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What, where and Who.

Firstly I would like to do a wee bit of recommending as on Saturday 26th October there are two excellent workshops on offer. The first is at Woodford with Judith Thorne and is called "Signs and Symbols on our Spiritual Path" (www.woodfordchurch.com)  12 noon till 3pm and the second is at Stockwell Church with Maggie Jones and entitled "All Aspects of Mediumship Plus Trance" 11am till 4.30pm.  Both are first rate teachers and Woodford has some excellent workshops such as the one we attended last Saturday with Alan Albiston.  We are coming to the end of October and we will be the mediums at Woodford for their Monday afternoon service on the 28th October which starts at 2pm.  We will then we doing an Angel Workshop which is at a new spiritual centre in Hurst Green.  We are really looking forward to it.  It is on the 9th November and I will be posting details in my next bulletin.  We are then at Petts Wood on the 12th November with our dear friends Chris and Alan Oborne. I have just update our craft blog so please take a look at it http://craftladyrainbow.blogspot.com and please also think about joining us on http://united2013pif.blogspot.com  In 2014 we are starting a whole different concept in regard to workshops and we will be doing tasters as such we are combining all our knowledge under one umbrella that is to say creativity, colour, sound, healing and manifesting dreams.  We are at the moment looking for a new title that encompasses all of this plus the spiritual side of what this brings so any ideas would be received gratefully.  We will be offering a key ring to the one chosen just as a we gesture of thank you  (like the ones posted here)

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