Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lets Pay it Forward and give it heart!

These little key rings have just been posted on one of our other blogs (make lovely Christmas presents). So please spare a moment to have a look., but I feel this time of the year is for opening our hearts. Although it  shouldn't , but all of the year should be devoted to opening our hearts to others not just at Christmas. We have also started a blog with this in mind and here it is http://united2013pif, and we would be delighted if you would join us here. It seems everyone is having so many problems at the moment especially with this new bedroom tax and the new disability drive to get people who are disabled back into work.  Even those who know they cannot sustain a days work.  Maybe this is not the place to air these views, but I feel it would be nice if we could make it our target to do at least one good deed a week or better still one a day or join in our random gifting worldwide.  Take a look at the idea on the blog previously mentioned. There are so many people who have problems including ourselves and now with the onset of Winter we all need a bit of cheer.  Now to our latest news and recommendations.  We are delighted by two events one is a workshop we are doing in Oxted in Surrey.  We were invited to do this less than two weeks ago and the day I now understand is fully book.  I will be posting details of this new centre on our blog at a later date.  Next we are delighted to be serving the "David Nason Spiritual and Healing Centre" Venner Community Centre, 1, Venner Road, Sydenham, SE26 5Q the doors open 7.30 pm for 8 pm start on 16th October (the venue is opposite Sydenham Railway Station). On Monday 28th November we are at Woodford for their 2 pm service.  I would also like to recommend the following workshop although I have not idea of the subject matter it is at Woodford Spiritual Church  (  on the 19th October with Alan Albiston and whatever the subject I am sure it will be enjoyable as he is an excellent teacher.  Lastly if you are anywhere in dockland on Sunday why not pop into the Island of Light Spiritual Church,  Barkentine Hall, Westferry Road to the Island of Dogs, E14 8JH. This week's medium is Lily Dolan so I am sure it will be a good evening and it starts at 6.30 pm.  We also have a new version of "Art from the Heart" in which we will be including all the work we do under one umbrella so to speak. We will be running courses once a month with an evening support group.  This new course will sharpen up your intuition, help you to manifest your dreams, improve your life dramatically (and we have given some of the ideas a test run and things like free lunches to as much as £700 have been manifested) I do feel that all the people who took part in this experiment got something from it and I am going to invite another group of 12 people to participate.  We will be launching this course very soon and we will also be incorporating colour and sound.  If you are interested or have participated in the recent experiment without giving details of what the experiment was make your comments in box below. 

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