Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This is just an update to let you all know that unfortunately we have had to cancel all our platform work this month.  This was due to an unfortunate event, which occurred is the care home Daniel's father was in.  I tripped down a small step as the Mind The Step notice has been obscure by the care worker as she made her way up the stairs in front of us.  It might have been beneficial if she had mentioned the step.  I took myself off to Weston Super Mare Hospital who I hasten to add made up for the lack of consideration I had received after I did it.  Poor Daniel is nurse maid and head cook and bottle washer - have to add my earth angel.  Thanks to the quick action in Weston I may not have to have an operation, but we still will have to wait and see.  I am however getting lots of knitting done and more heart keys rings will be on the way.  Key rings will be priced from £3 to £7.  The shamanic eggs vary in size and the large drums can be from £30 to £45 and the eggs from £5 to £12.  All different designs and colours none alike.  I am also busy knitting a chakra set, which will be around the  £40 range for a set (so if they are of any interest let us know).
I am however still managing to take workshops and we had a very successful one last Saturday considering the last minute change of venue.  They were a wonderful group who did all they could to help a rather fraught situation and I am so pleased to have received emails telling us how much they enjoyed the day, but I would also like to thank all of them for making the day wonderful or as someone remarked awesome. For future workshops in the heart of London keep and eye out on www.onedaycourse.com as well as ours there are a whole range of interesting subjects. On this note we will be doing a workshop on the 24th August at Stockwell Spiritualist Church - for more details contact 0207 733 7781 or ring 07927 288904 (Pat or Daniel).  Its called "Art from the Heart" and we guarantee an afternoon full of love, light, learning and rainbow magic, which starts at 1.30 and finishes at 4.30 pm.   I would also like to highly  recommend a workshop at the same venue on the 7th September with Jacci and Les Fuller - it is a shamanic workshop and take it from me it will not only be beneficial but will refresh your mind and soul. Starts at 12 noon and finishes around 5.30.  I also couldn't resist putting a picture of my grumpy old lady mood (taken outside  Lewisham Hospital last Thursday).  Again I would like to thank the lovely nurse practitioners I saw there on the previous Monday......true angels.  I would also like to thank Colleen Rechere for picking us up at London Bridge on Saturday. 


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