Sunday, April 14, 2013

On the left is our latest addition to raising funds to open a healing, spiritual and alternative sanctuary.  These little shamanic egg rattles cost only £5 to £7 and are light weight. I also have little shamanic owl rattles for sale and am planning on a variety of little critters and birds.  Any ideas will be well received.  Next week we will be starting our course. Everyone has a dream! You can manifest this - nothing that you dream is beyond the realms of possibility. Using what is your birth right you can bring this into being. Your intuition tells you when something is right, but learning to trust and manifest what you what you want is another matter.  In our three day workshop starting on 21st April we will set you on the path to making this real. Part 2 on June 2nd and part 3 on the 30th June. Come and join us at 11am next Sunday and begin your journey. All teas and light refreshments provided, but bring a packed lunch. Only £35 for all three days and this will include a course booklet (  I promise everyone a days full of love, light and laughter so please come and join us.  May is going to be busy as we will be at the ISM on the 1st, the Ringway at Grove Park on the 4th and then the following day taking the evening service at Stockwell then on the following Tuesday we will be at Potters Bar.  More of that in our next post.  Meanwhile we are delighted to have been asked to do a course in Covent Garden.  I might also add that there are lots of interesting courses on off including one called "Finding Your Voice", which would be ideal for all mediums who have difficulty in projecting their voices so do take a look and also take a look at Martin Jones new website

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