Sunday, October 19, 2014

Venue at Epping

We are delighted with our new venue at Epping and the energy inside is lovely.  All we need now is a bit of help from the universe to move us too. Our first event there is next week on the 22nd October at 7.15 pm in the evening and if you are free please come and join us.  The evening will include a free raffle as well as refreshments plus a workshop lead by Daniel Naughnane  "Sensing and Seeing Auras".  It will be a fun evening of love, light, learning and laughter,  The nearest underground station is Epping on the Central Line. There will also be a small selection of things for sale such as crystal pieces made by Stacy Shepherd plus Eco Alkemy is bring some tarot bags and cloths.  Brian Hoolichan has a selection of tee shirts and of course there will be gnomes (you might like to give a gnome a home or a colourful owl and the entrance is £6.  Our last workshop at Woodford brought forth some very interesting prints and  the one done by Melinda Jackson is going to be used as a tee shirt design.  So from small acorns might oaks may grow. We  went to a very interesting workshop on Saturday led by Marcio Amaral on healing and we found it both enlightening as well as interesting.  We look forward to reading his book "Creating Luck"  This workshop was supporting the Celia Hammond Animal Trust to  which Marcio donated his fees from the workshop  plus the money from the  books he sold (  Our awareness group will take place at Woodford as usual on Friday, but we look forward to seeing some of you before then.  There is another interesting workshop next Saturday at Woodford Spiritualist Church with Michael Redwin and after attending several other workshops which Michael led I have no hesitation in recommending this (www.woodfordchurch,com)


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