Friday, March 16, 2007

As you can see this image is completely different from the two collages and it has a delicate feel to it. I like it because at the time it conveyed the meditation perfectly. You meet some very interesting and spiritual people on these workshops. It has showed me lots of new things and given me different ideas.
Each time I go on a workshop I do not know what to expect. What I am always sure of is that I will enjoy it and have a lovely time in good company.
For some reason these workshops seem to draw very spiritual people who are on a voyage of self discovery. Thank you Pat and Daniel for all your help and guidance. My path now seems closer.
I look forward to the next workshop.


Crackpot said...

this is a delightful image although it may not have been the intention it brings to mind a purple Christmas tree, which for me rather sums up the true spirituality of the event when people of all races should come together in peace.

lina said...

This brings to mind a flowing purple waterfall, bringing in new energy, light and freshness. I find this a lovely image


I totally agree with the last comment. There is a freshness and spirituality about this image. Even the little rushes on the left hand side seem to be reaching for the light.