Friday, April 13, 2007

This image on the right is quite magical and has the feel of a Chinese Brush painting, although this was not the method use. Quite delicate and inspirational and in contrast on the left the beautiful rose, which to me represents unconditional love a butterfly in flight for transformation. These two pictures again were inspired and like the previous two painted by Gloria Alexander. Quite lovely.


lina said...

I love both these images, they have such a delicate, sensitive feel.

Sharon said...

Inside the rose I see a butterfly,
Transformation of the soul I hear you cry.
New beginnings new days ahead of each of us.
Creating our own universe with out fuss.
A beautiful rose representing unconditional love,
Shining out love light and peace like the dove!
A beautiful imagery very inspiring

NYCindividual said...

Love the one of the rose!

BIG MAC said...

Just love the rose it is full of warm and love. Keep painting.