Thursday, May 3, 2007

Last Sunday at the Seekers Trust in Kent a very spiritual lady called Liolah came to the workshop and this is an example of one of the beautiful images she produced. This mass of purple to me presence new spiritual beginnings. A rebirth with such pure light waiting to burst forth and illuminate her path. It will be enlightening to see if others share my opinions of this image.


Big Mac said...
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Big Mac said...

This very simple image obviously expresses the energy and spirituality of the person who created it.

Sharon said...

This image reminds me of a spiders web which makes me think of the cycle of life.
As we weave our web of life,
We search all our pains and strife!
we weave happiness and joy too,
we create our universe through and through.
Spirituality lighting our life today.
Make a new universe in every way!

DesigningFairy said...

The Purple Lady! I was finally able to visit your blog. Very, very cool. Love the art from the heart. So expressive and real.

Melissa said...

I have been back to view this image a few times, it is an amazing drawing! One thing has "unsettled" me as such, I drew a picture almost identical 6 months ago (I am not an artist at all). The universe is a wonderfully strange place to be:-)

Purple Lady said...

Never limit the universe. Thanks for the comment. Maybe you and Liolah are meant to connect. We would be interested to see your image