Thursday, August 2, 2007

Big Mac's Experiments

Since attending the workshops I have started to experiment with various images and designs. These are totally different to my usual style of drawing and almost graphic. The colours are more varied and vibrant than I would usually use and I honestly say these drawings feel as if they are inspired from some part of me that I am still building an ongoing relationship with.


NYCindividual said...

Well, I like them. They seem very abstract and beautiful to me. I like classic style art too, but there's something about abstract that attracts me. The two you posted are great!

Tatiana said...

I would say - go for it as the colors are beautiful, and speaking :)

keeyit said...

I like them..
I like painting too.. BUT my painting is chinese painting... Hehe..

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BIG MAC said...

Thanks for the lovely comments it is really encouraging. I really do appreciate it.

ygen said...

It's so simple and beautiful in its own ways.
It sort of like reminds me of my childhood!! ^^
Keep up the good work yeah! :)

The Purple Lady (Aka Pat) Crackpot 1963 (Aka Daniel) said...

It is great to see these pieces of artwork receiving so many viewers and comments. Keep them coming.