Thursday, October 6, 2011

Encaustic Waxes

Both of these images produced at the last "Art From the Heart" workshop at Woodford National Spiritualist Church at 9 Grove Crescent, London E18 2JR. The next workshop is on the 9th October 11 - 4 pm (£10) al tea, coffee and biscuits provided, but please bring a packet lunch. We will be exploring linked with your guides and helpers pyschic portraits. On the 7th October in the afternoon is our development group 2.30 - 4 pm (£3). The following week again at Woodford is our Sound Healing and Colour Workshop - Saturday 15th 12 - 3 (£6 non-members and £5 members). In our next post we will be giving information regarding Novembers Workshops. We are thinking of running an all day workshop for spiritual awareness and development next year aimed at those who are free on weekdays and not weekends. It will be aimed at beginners and explore many avenues in relation to development. If you are interested please email us on or ring 07927 288904

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