Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The last Art From The Heart Workshop this year

All members of the group worked very hard and that made it extremely difficult to choose what to post so I finally came down to two that on the right is by Carol, which was inspired by music. It is as you can see a very free piece of work with a quality of innocence that usually comes only from those in touch with their inner child.
I have also posted a very interesting piece by Mark, which is on the right, as you can see is completely different. It is interesting to muse how music influences people in different ways. Equally so was all the work produced that day including the following beautiful pieces done in a group. These groups are producing more and more inspired verse and proses, which it would be nice to incorporate one day into a book.

Feel the emotions and set them free
Keep only what’s important to thee
Decide what true and see it thru
Waste no time with past troubles
Release and let go, as we own nothing
Let light and love be in your heart
And let nothing else keep you apart
Embrace the down times,
They’ll always be,
They serve a purpose they bring to thee spirit of
knowledge and understanding that’s due.
Clear your mind of all clutter,
And your Pathway will be lit in all its glory.
A tidy mind runs proud and free,
Take the time to think what can be,
Don’t despair when times get tough,
You may feel like you had enough,
Turn to spirit deep inside,
Rest within for turning tide.

Release and let go.
Look into the light of the divine
And the following pieces from another group. It is so interesting to see how one group has collaborated and the others have come together in agreement on the music and word interpreting it differently.

Innocence is
how we all begin
Adventure is
the journey we need to take
Expression oBoldf loBoldve comes from the heart and soul not
the mind.
Power of love to
forgive all of mankind and be able to return once again to Innocence

The lion and dove sit side by
side, white dove of peace and an olive branch close by.




Interesting this is stairs to be climbed!!

Life is innocent,
Adventure is pure,
Tranquillity awaits you,
The beauty of a spider’s web.
As some of you may know we have started facilitating "Sound Healing Workshops" incorporating colour with tibetan bowls, rainsticks and other ancient musical instruments. We are going to be running a course early in the new year in East London. This will be a series of five one day workshops studying in depth how colour can enhance healing and be used in everyday life to give healing, help with studying skills and improve life. I myself meditate on green to lower my blood pressure. Details of all courses will be published before the end of the year and for those who are iinterested there is a one day workshop at the Seekers Trust in Kent on the 11th February 2012. For those interested please email us on or ring + 447927 288904. We are also planning on a beginner course a series of four hours to fit in with those who would rather not be out at night or have children. Again in East London and will probably be from 10 am to 2 pm. If you have any friend who might be interested please do tell them about this.

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