Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I couldn't resist sharing this picture with everyone.  This was taken on our recent journey from Paddington to Weston Super Mare on Christmas Eve (a young Chinese couple).  What a sense of fun and one to be taken into 2013.  We hope you enjoyed your celebrations yesterday wherever you were and whatever you did.  We celebrated quietly catching up with watching Merlin as we both are recovering from some strange virus, which is going the rounds  There have been lots of negativity thrown around  in 2012 and indeed many people have had a really tough time illnesses, financial hardship, relationships coming to an end and lots of people passing to spirit, but now the new golden age is dawning and I thought it might be fun to actually think about the positive things that have happened. Afterall we didn't get wiped out by aliens or burnt up in space or any other strange misinterpretation of the Mayan Calender.  I would love you to share your positive moments with us.  Please leave comments in the box at the end of this post as it will be interesting to see how many of you recall the good times and I am sure there were some good moments.  I am going to ask you to find five positive things that happened in 2012.  I will start it off.  One of my most postive things is now having five surrrogate grandchildren who I love and so does Grandpa Dumbledore.  I have also met two new beautiful souls who live in Plymouth who I am sure will be friends until I pass through the vale.  I am getting to grips with some new technology and discovered only last week I can add a follow button from Twitter and a Paypal Button.  I have almost completed a course with Rachel Elnaugh Twitter@rachelelnaugh. called Business Alchemy www.rachelelnaugh.com which I would highly recommend to everyone whether you are thinking about starting a business or not as it will help get you into a very positive frame of mind and guide you into 2013. I together with my soul mate have forged a new friendship with a lady in our Shamanic group who we love to pieces.  I am also making a resolve to do several things in 2013 which are to do something positive to help one person everyday by way of guidance or promoting their endeavours or recommending them..  I will obviously only recommend people who I know and whose workshops or courses I  have experienced myself.  I will also be updating this blog at least once a week.  I will also be offering short telephone readings later in the month for £10 so watch this blog every week if you are interested in having one.  I am also determined that the sanctuary will be up and running by the end of 2013 and we will be offering  lots of new courses, workshops and seminars.  As I said in my previous post if you need a speaker for an event we are available for those.  Now I have a plea from a gentleman in Newquay,  Cornwall who need help in running a centre (you can see his facebook page under Newquay Spirit).  He has the next thirteen month booked with excellent mediums but desperately needs help to run it.  He is looking for someone with new ideas who is able to run courses, workshops and a development group.  In you are interested please contact Dennis Colley on 01637 879018.  Accommodation could be provided as he owns the building and flat above the centre. 


Crackpot said...

Here are my positive things in regard to 2012. I met a delightful lady called Barbara Barnes who runs a small church in docklands. A very spiritual lady and as down to earth as they make them. I also encountered two people who I can only describe as part of my soul group. I only spent two and a bit days in their company, but felt I had known them all my life and previous lifetimes too. On another note my friendship with a member of my shamanic group has grown stronger and deeper. Another spiritual down to earth individual who calls a spade a shovel and if she feels like it and it is necessary is likely to verbally hit someone over the head with it. I am also thankful that it having been necessary for my father to move into a nursing home, he has settled in so easily and is obviously happy there (Not that that I am surprised about the home having known it from when my partner's mother was a resident there, but I am still gratefulthat my father has made the transition so quickly. Last but definitely not least the fact that I have been unofficially adopted as a grandfather by a group of five children, who made myself and my partner (their unofficial grandmother) so welcome at Christmas (they had even set up a Christmas Tree in our bedroom). They are smashing children and we had a brilliant time.

Sylvie said...

Hi there! You asked for five positive things that I experienced in 2012. Well I may have trouble keeping it DOWN to 5 (hehehe!) but here goes:
1) With the help of my wonderful techie guy, Dave of Rowdew Web Services, we fixed my website (which had been attacked by a Russian virus and put out of commission for 3 months.)
2)I re-united with a wonderful friend. We'd lost touch and I thought I'd never see her again.
3)I met many people this year, and 3 of them have become new friends who have enriched my life in so many ways.
4)I made a couple of changes in my operating basis, and my business suddenly tripled (actually one month quadrupled) last year's figures
5)This was the BESTEST ONE! I am in the business of helping people. I do my best, but very seldom do I get to know, first hand, whether I actually did help them or not. Well this year I got the most marvellous gift -feed back and full recognition that I had facilitated a lifechanging experience for someone. It doesn't get any better than this!
BONUS) Sorry, couldn't resist adding this one - I actually found out who I am! And I'll leave you with that mystery!

Dennis Colley said...

Pat thanks so much for the info contained in your blog. I have this centre and need as you mention someone who may want to take if further into the teaching and workshop phase, so dont be shy please contact even if your unsure what wyu may be able to contribute. Happy new spiritual year to all.

Dennis Colley said...

i have had 5 very positive things happen this year.
1 being i spoke to my great grand daughter on skype for the fisrt time.
2 we here got the sunday services going and have grown slowly.
3 I met this lovely lady and gent called Pat and Alf who have offered positive help to me with this centre see blog.
4 i have become more aware and got over my doubt about my mediumship.
5 we have fantastic couple of lady healers one crystal and one reiki working here and are getting very positive results.

Patricia McNally said...

Wow I don't know how Skype works clever you I haven't got to grips with how that works. Glad the Sunday Services are up and running. Sounds like you have the makings of a good healing section and Alf Hunt is an excellent medium yur congregation will love him. He is a lovely man. As I said we can offer you a range of workshops as you can see from our the last but one entry on the blog. It sounds as if despite the church problems 2012 wasn't too bad and I hope the church continues to thrive. Don't forget everybody if you know of anyone suitable to give Dennis a hand he would be delighted.