Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What we have planned so far

We are now getting lots of workshops and weekend courses booked, which we hope you will join us on.  Firstly we would like to say how much we enjoyed our Christmas with our new surrogated grandchildren.  Thanks guys that is Kayleigh-Jade, Tazmin, Kai, Rowan, Tali and their mum Selina for making it special despite our other traumas.  We love you all.    We would also like to share with you the two adorable little owls they gave us amongst other presents.  We just love them.

Don't forget our days workshop "Exploring your Psychic Ability the Easy Way" at the Ringway Community Centre at Grove Park in South East London on the 23rd February.  We are giving an early bird discount so book soon before 21st January and pay just £20. At the bottom of this post you will find a button, where you can pay by PayPal.  We are also planning on running afternoon development classes at Woodford National Spiritualist Church on a Tuesday during day. The church itself is located fairly near the station although it is a bit of a walk up a fairly steep hill.  At the moment there are two proposed under times under discussion.  11 am to 13.30 pm or from 14.30 pm to 16.30 pm.  We would be willing to consider both if there was enough interest.  These classes will not be starting until March, but please express your interest now by preferably emailing us on rainbowhealingsanctuary@hotmail.co.uk or sending us a text on +447927288904.  We are going to be running a course starting on the Sunday the 21st April, then on the 12th May and 2nd June called "The Intuitive Way to Manifest Your Dreams Easily".  You really need to be able to attend all days to get the benefit from this course and we are therefore going to encourage you to peer into your diaries now.  The cost is £35 including  light refreshments and a course book(this will be at Woodford Spiritualist Church (www.woodfordchurch.com).  We will be running a more intense course at ther Seekers Trust (www.theseekerstrust.org.uk) in July.  The dates we have in mind are the evening of the 12th/13th and 14th there will be an evening of clairvoyance with this weekend retreat.  There  will be limted in numbers so you will need to book early. We are planning two other two retreats on the 4/5/6th October and another of the 15/16/17th November one of which we hope will be a healing weekend with Sound Healing and Reik (more details and news in our next post).  Incidentially we have asked Haydn Clarke and Stevie Robinson to be the mediums on our first evening of clairvoyance there with a demonstration of Psychic Art if you find their names familiar it is probably because they appeared on "Sixth Sense" with Colin Fry.  Payment should be made  to rainbowhealingsanctuary@hotmail.co.uk

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