Thursday, October 11, 2012

A wee bit about Daniel

Just for a change apart from updating you on our workshop, events and recommendations I though I would tell you a little about us.  I will be doing this over our next two entries. Daniel Naughnane was born in Wimbledon and lived most of his early life in Battersea. He had a creative flare from a very early age and during that time he had many out of body experiences, which lead to his exploration of the mystic and esoteric. His creativity continued during his schooldays, where he studied pottery (hand built pots and sculpture), but it was not until after he left school that his interest in fine art (oils, watercolours, pastels and pencil) began.  It was also around this time he began to study relief printing (linocuts, woodcuts etc). In 1985 he joined the Mary Ward Centre, where his tutor (the late Peter John Garrard) aided his artistic development.  He has since gained further experience on numerous courses and workshops including the Summer School at the Slade School of Fine Art, the Blackheath School of Art, the Heatherley College of Fine Art , St Oswald Studios, the Curwen Print Study Centre and the Kew Studios where he had his first studio.  He has exhibited widely and has had a number of one-person exhibitions and several two-person exhibitions. His work has been shown in the Royal Festival Hall in the South Bank Picture Show. He was presented to Princess Royal during an exhibition at Heythrop College where he worked and took part as an exhibitor.  He has also taken part in the Wrotham Art Festival. His paintings are in international collections.  His interest in the esoteric and mystic took him to the College of Psychic Studies and the Spiritual Association of Great Britain. He has continued his studies and development and feels this is a never ending progression.  He loves music his favourites being Julie Felix, James Cameron and Gracie Fields.  His really great love is books anything and everything.  He is an enthusiastic teacher and communicates this in all the subjects he teaches. His subjects are printmaking, meditation, self-awareness and mediumship.  He holds a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector and is a member of the Institute for Learning.  Eventually he hopes to establish a centre for teaching and therapies as a way of encouraging people to develop their own spiritual awareness and inner truth, but also sees this as away to relieve the stress of modern living. He now runs workshops (including drawing with the inner eye) to encourage creativity and intuition. The picture on the right is entitled Father Francis and is one of Daniel's Psychic Art pictures.  Now to our usual workshops, events and recommendations.  On Sunday as mentioned in my previous entry we are at the Island of Light Church.  We will soon be off to Plymouth for our private function and are looking forward to meeting so many people Fran, Michael, Lowenna, Joan, Alysia and not forgetting Harry the Cat. 
It's only for a few days, but it will be a break from the smoke and we will be in good company.  Then on our return we are at Woodford National Spiritualist Church with an all day workshop "Exploring Your Soul and It's Journey" followed by our discussion group with Sharon Law and Shelley Joseph.  We will then be taking the evening service at Woodford ( After this we are at the ISM in Romford for a Sound Healing Workdshop.  More details of that next time.  Don't forget our recommendations in  our last entry.  The venture in Bromley has been put on hold for two reasons.  Firstly the contract will not be ready until the end of this month and secondly as two previous members of Bromley are going to set up there own centre in St.Mary's Cray and we felt it only fair to put Bromley on hold under the present economic climate being the localities are fairly closed to one other.  Our venture would have started just before Christmas and I feel people want to participate in the festive season and money at the moment is scare.  Nevertheless, lets wish Pip Norris and Olga Day lots of good luck and blessings with the new centre.  Rainbow Healing Sanctuary will  now possible go ahead mid to late January 2013. New venture at this time take a lot of hard work and energy.   

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