Friday, October 19, 2012

Apart from some hiccups including me taking a tumble in a supermarket (no I hadn't been drinking as someone  has suggested). The mat in its doorway wasn't straight and I caught my foot.  There was a lovely group on the workshops in Plymouth   these included Michael Hainsworth who took this video of Daniel in trance (first attempt ever to see himself in trance).  Thanks Michael then there was Joan Allen, Alysia Gimblett, Lowenna Markham, Caroline Cassidy, Dominic Kearney, a lady called Laura and not forgetting the lady who made it possible Fran Hoggarth.  The Thunder Beings were kind to us and the weather was clement.  If it hadn't been for the three earth angels  the accident would have been a disaster. My other half who looked after me as well as Michael and Joan who gave me healing and thanks to them the pain in minor we also love being around Harry the Cat a real; sweetie, as long as he can't smell nubuck leather. I really enjoyed the tea leaf reading.  One things we did learn from the weekend was to set rules.  That incident which caused the major hiccup will not occur again.
EOn Now back to our next events which are as follows.  On the 7th November we are at the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums  (  in Romford with a Sound Healing Workshop (see last blog entry for address) starts at 8 pm. Then on the 12th November we are at The Light within sc, Glydon Community Centre, Raglan Road, Plumstead, SE18 7LB  service starts at 1.30 pm.  On the 18th November the continuation of our course  "Exploring your souls Journey". Finally we are planning a weekend of workshops in Cheddar (more details when its arranged). 

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