Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Firstly I would like to mention a couple of interesting events that have been brought to my notice.Looking ahead there is a workshop at Reading National Spiritualist Church on 1st December with medum Mark Brandist whose workshops I have been to many times.  He comes highly recommended by both my partner and myself.  His is a different kind of workshop and those interested in philosphy will be more than pleased as some aspect of this always intergrates into them.  There is also a special the Island of Light at  Barkentine Hall Westferry Road, Isle of Dogs, London  E14 8JH.  A special evening of readings plus healing run by a lovely lady Barbara Barnes, which starts  at 6.30 pm on the 14th of October mediums participating in the event are Maggie Jones, Martin Jones,  Shelley Joseph, Phil Warr, Daniel Naughnane,  Pepyta Norris and myself.   On the 5th of October we are doing a special evening of Spirit Art at Woodford National Spiritual Church www.woodfordchurch.com  We are then off to Plymouth to do a private workshop and looking forward to meeting lots of people we have only spoken to on the telephone.  On the 21st October we are at Woodford National Spiritualist  Church again with our series of workshops entitled "Exploring your soul and its journey "(please come and join) 11 am till 4 pm and the same evening we are also taking the Sunday service there which starts at 6.30pm.   This takes us toNovember when we will be facilating a Sound Healing Workshop at the ISM in Romford and also serving a new little centre near Plumstead, but more of that in our next update.  One thing before I finish this post there has also been brought to my notice an interesting talk on form of healing called the Jacket Technique by Hans Waard from the Netherlands will in London in November. It sounds extremely interesting (more news of this next time).  Details about the new Bromley group is still under discussion.  Just for a change I have added a very interesting photograph taken at the home ofa lady who had lots of cats whilst I was stroking a lovely little friend called Spooky. One last final thing we are hoping to get the beginners group up and running again at Woodford Church as soon as possible, but we need a bigger group of people together so those of you who were involved please email us at rainbowsanctuary7@gmail.com or leave a message on 07927 288904  

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