Monday, September 24, 2012

Hi everyone don't forget we are at Divine Light Church this coming Thursday, but sadly we have to announce Sevenoaks was cancelled due to lack of support, which isn't surprising considering someone has put on the grapevine the place has closed down.  Most unspiritual we feel and sad for those running it.  On Saturday the 6th October we are back doing a special at one of our favourite churches Woodford National Spiritualist Church (starts at 7.30 pm) where you are guaranteed a warm welcome. Then on the 14th of October we are at another lovely little church run by a lovely lady called Barbara Barnes called "Island of Light" at the Barkentine Hall, Westferry Road, London, E14 8JH doing readings with a group of other mediums who are I believe  Maggie Jones, Martin Jones, Philip Warr, Pip Norris, Shelley Joseph and Sharon Law.  Following this we are off to Plymouth to do a workshop with a lovely group of people we are eager to met.  Became friends on facebook and are now doing a workshop down there thanks to a lady called Fran Hoggarth who is a student of crystal healing.  The following weekend we are back at Woodford with our course "Exploring Your Soul and It's Journey" 11 am to 4 pm followed by our discussion group with mediums Sharon Law and Shelley Joseph bound to be interesting.  Sometime ago we were told by spirit that there would be another sanctuary before our own was established, but the place we seek would be found before the end of 2012.  We are still looking for this place, but the one we are caretaking has arisen in Bromley, Kent not too far from where we live and we have already put a programme together which will include Stevie Robinson and Haydn Clarke doing an evening of Psychic Art, later dates include  mediums Maggie Jones, Susan Griffiths and Frances Stadden .  There will be a Positive Living Group  plus a "Psychic Buffet" with an exciting range of readers, but more about that later.  We are still looking for the exact location of the place where our sanctuary will be and now have a few ideas.

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