Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Firstly our recommendation of courses or events you might find beneficial, but please be aware this is only coming from our view point.  Don't forget the event at the London Spiritual Mission on the 8th of November with Hans Waard, which I refered to in a previous post.  Then the workshop with Mark Brandist on the 1st December at Reading National Spiritual Church (again see in a previous entry),  which I now understand is almost completely booked so if you want a place  you had better book soon.  Next  I would like to suggest a workshop on the 24th November at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( with Michael Redwin 12 - 3 pm entitled "Nothing goes right on the outside when nothing is going right on the inside". We have been to a number of Michael's workshops and as well as the enjoyment level we have always come away with more knowledge. Another two workshops which might we worth your while going to are facilitated by Maggie Jones the first of whch is at Stockwell Spiritualist Church on the 3rd November 11am - 4.30 pm (telephone 020 7733 7761 and then on the 10th November at  10.30 am - 4.30 pm at Morden Spiritualist Church  (telephone 020 8648 5369).   Both workshops are on mediumship, but for more details please ring the churches concerned.    I would next like to share two pieces of work, which came from our last workshop. The image in the top left hand corner is just a simple piece of psychic art from which the student gave a reading as we believe in keeping things simple.  We intend to do a weekend of taster workshops with this in mind which will be exactly the right level for everyone.  Simple ways to intuition, inspirational prose or verse, psychic readings, spirit art and mediumship.  Watch for further details in our next blog entry.  I would also like to share this with you again from the same workshop "Exploring the soul and it's journey".
The time for your journey should always be uppermost in your mind,
The journey is never ending it evolves as you evolve,
Take time to evaluate the journey,
How can you further understand where you are going on your journey,
What do you need to make your way clearer,
Look within not outside your journey is a mirror,
Your progress inside dictates your outer world condition,
It is only when you are travelling forward inside,
That the changes you seek outside can begin.
This coming Sunday 4th November at 3.30pm we are serving Chingford Spiritualist Church at Hawkwood Crescent, Chingford,  London, E4 7PH.  Then on the 7th November we are at the ISM (see previous blog entry).  Then we are back at Barbara Barnes's  liitle church on the Isle of Dogs where you can guarantee a warm welcome  thats the evening service on the  11th November and the next day we are taking the service at The Light within sc, Glydon Community Centre, Raglan Road, Plumstead, SE18 7LB at 1.30 pm.  Following this we are back at Woodford on the 18th November with the continuation of "Exploring the Soul and its Journey" Just a wee bit of an advanced notice we are doing the last part of the workshop in December plus a workshop at Balham.  So watch out for details of this and also anymore recommendations.   

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