Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bits and pieces of Inspiration

In two cases workshops with small numbers produced some very interesting work.  Firstly the one at Sevenoaks Independent Spiritual Centre with these interesting results.  The picture on the left was produced by an eight year old called Sophie indeed art from a heart filled with love for her mum and grandmother.  During the workshop my partner and best friend got an urge you utilise the whiteboard to draw a picture dedicated to all the group (see below) plus another contribution from Laura.  All these pictures are totally different.  That below is Laura's and the other one Daniel's.

The second workshop came around as a replacement to the Sound Healing with Colour (we had not remembered when this was booked it was Father's Day).  Nevertheless it produced some very interesting results.  First another picture which I will post on here later, but also some inspirational pieces one of which I will share with you.

" As we open our hearts we unleash the green vibration of love that once connected emanates very powerful signals that communicate our intentions, you thus at this point of your development have a duty to yourself to manifest the will of god.  As you are now truly connected and an extension of god's arm, no longer can we claim the ignorance from truth as we have now made the connection with the source that is part of us an resides deep inside all essential life we ought to harmonise our thoughts and ideas at all times in order to attract that which is pure in order to avoid a bumpy ride.  For all intent that is of a lower form for the one who vibrates and resonates divine love must be correctly infused within the mindset and lifestyles of the channel."  

We have lots of new things on board.  Firstly on Friday afternoons our beginners group.  The next date for that is this coming Friday the 22nd June and then we will miss a week and be there the 6th July from 11am to 2pm.  On the 6th July there will be another group following that at 3pm to 5pm, which is a mixed bag including developing different types of psychic art.  All of these are at Woodford National Spiritualist Church www.woodfordchurch.com.  Later in the month of July there is the last of our beginners group of Sound Healing with Colour followed by a trance talk with Daniel on the 15th July - Workshop starts 11am and finish around 4pm.  Daniel will then channel the latest information regarding the Children of Light.  On the 30th June we are at the Seekers Trust in Kent with a workshop called Sound Healing with the Colours of the Archangels" Again 11am to 5pm in the small meeting room. www.theseekerstrust.org.uk

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