Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Awareness Group and Visions of Creativity a Epping

We are pleased to announce that our awareness group will be starting again on Monday 6th July at 7.30 pm (please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of circle if possible).  Details can be found on as well as many other interesting workshops held at the church.  We will be changing our Sunday workshops into a series on one day workshops starting in August 16th with "Make Friends With Your Pendulum" - you can bring your own pendulum or we will have one to borrow or even some to buy.  Our next event at Epping is with Martin Jones and is on the 8th July "Intuitive Creativity" and its going to be a lovely evening as Martin is a nice guy and an excellent tutor and medium starts at 7.30 pm but please arrive for at least 7.15 pm  so the evening can start prompty - it is as usual being held at the Friends Meeting House in Hemnall Street, Epping. I have got to say the new train on the DLR certainly makes the journey more pleasant and we love the rainbow colours - I think its only going to be in service for a month so take the opportunity to take a ride on it while its in service.  Our give a gnome a home campaign is certainly helping to swell the funds for the sanctuary and we we are pleased to say these little guys below have now gone to live in Evanville, United States of America.  So nice to see our gnomes, angels and fairies travelling the world and we are hoping they will reach out with their healing worldwide.  I have also added two others a little rainbow fairy, which incidentally is still for sale and an an angel given as a present to someone who had just embarked on their first workshop, which was about angels

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