Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Change of workshops and Awareness Circle

We are pleased to announce that once two old members of the group return to the awareness circle we will be at full capacity as we have not got the room of anymore members at the moment and will  be thinking about moving some of the more senior members on to either and open circle or closed circle.  I need to think about this carefully.  I will be talking to everyone in the next two weeks about this.  We are changing the workshop on Friday 17th July at Visions of Creativity from the Seeing through Drawing with Daniel Naughnane to Exploring a Past Life myself and then the following meeting Daniel will do his workshop. On the 17th too we will have healing available before the workshop and therefore we will open  - these events are held at the Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street Epping CM16 4LL. I would also like to recommend a workshop on the 18th July at Woodford Spiritual Church with Beverley Swift being held at Woodford Church entitled "Taking Care of our Spiritual Wellbeing" (www.woodfordchurch.com). I would also like to recommend a workshop with Alan Albiston also on the 18th July called "Working with Angels" and is being held in the Maidmore Room, Great Parndon Community Centre, Abercrombie,, Harlow only £10 and starts at 2 pm and finishes at 5.30 pm.  The picture on here is of Julie Holmes's collection of gnome and I will add this lady crochet wonderful dog coats so get one make before Winter for the dog in your life. 

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