Friday, June 20, 2014

As I sat here updating the blog I saw a little robin preening itself in the warmth of the sun and I will take that as a blessing and a message to stand my ground., but it also means divine service shamanism and I am taking this as a sign that at long last there is a teaching centre on the horizon. I am still raising moderate amounts of money via knitting and we are always available for readings, church bookings and workshops.  We love imparting knowledge and are willing to travel.  Just a reminder that we are at Stockwell Spiritualist Church tomorrow with our "Sound Healing With Colour Workshop "which starts at 11 am and finishes at 4.30 pm.  We had hoped to get there tonight to see Graham Watson and the Spiritual Gnomes on Tour, but because of my vertigo problems decided it would be too late getting home and we need to be fresh to give our best to spirit tomorrow.  Hopefully those of you who go tonight will make sure the naughty gnomes behave if poor Graham has problems with 's them.  I believe tonight's service starts at 7.30.  On Monday we are the mediums at Woodford Church and the service starts at 2 pm so please join us (and you never know one of the naughty gnomes make appear there). You are always guaranteed a warm welcome at Woodford no matter whose there a cup of tea in offered and biscuits (  A very friendly church so don't be shy come and join us this Monday the 23rd June. We are very excited about the new Awareness Group that starts on the 4th July at Woodford Church cost just £3 - so just turn up at 7.15 for 7.30 no needs to book.  Everyone welcome although it is aimed at people new to spiritualism and this way of life, but those of you who feel you can learn something are also welcome. We are pleased to announce we have a new monthly circle starting at Grove Park and we hope to start this on  the 9th July ands will be held at a friends home.  It will have limited numbers and the cost is just £4.  Don't forget we also have one workshop and two courses at Woodford in July and for those of you who can't make Sundays or Tuesdays.  It is called "The Inspiration of Sound" and it starts at noon and finishes at 3pm.  On the 20th the July the Grand Gnome Tour will be at the  Island of Light Church on the Island and so will Graham Watson.  All being well so will we as we love this church and the Barbara Barnes the lady who runs it.  Barbara's next special is on the 17th August so keep that date in mind if you need a reading. Don't forget we are still raising money for the centre and with this in mind please take a look at our other blog Although its seems the most popular items are owls, keyrings and of course gnomes.   So why don't you give a gnome a home.  

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