Monday, June 8, 2015

Lastest News, recommendations and inspiration

Firstly I would like to announce that the awareness group will start again on Monday 8th July at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( at 7.30 pm and we will be there at 7.15 pm.  Our next workshop is on the 14th June again at Woodford Spiritualist Church "Inspired Spiritual Creativity" starting at 11.30 am and finishing around 4 pm (cost £10). We then go on the same evening to docklands to run a mini workshop at the "Island of Light" the small church in docklands run by Barbara Barnes "Make Friends with your Pendulum", which starts at 6.30 pm and if you haven't got a pendulum we have plenty (even some for sale). The address is the Barkantine Hall, Westferry Road, Isle of Dogs,  London E14 8SS (buses 135, D3 and D7) pass by the door.  There are some workshops later in the month I will be recommending with Sharon Law, Susan Griffiths and David Irwin, but more of these in later posts as well as our workshops in Epping (next meeting there on Wednesday 17th June "Capturing Auras with Colour" and the added attraction of healing on a Friday before the workshop.  Meanwhile I wish to share a piece that was written by Sharon Law, which I felt would help so many people. 
Personal development exercise - self awareness.
Get an A4 sheet of paper do you ever find yourself saying I wish I had the time too, I wish I had ... This task requires you to be honest with yourself but it will help you find your true souls song.  On the paper from waking up to going to sleep every activity you do when how long and WHY and HOW DO YOU FEEL DOING IT?  You can do for one day or a sheet a day for one week. Without judging yourself become the observer and at the end analyse your findings. Are there things you are doing that you could give up? If there are activities you are doing and not enjoying are they essential if so. what could make the task more joyous if not could you give it up. Time is a man made illusion hopefully this exercise can create more "time for you".  Thanks Sharon for this excellent advise and inspiration. We are still having our give a gnome a home campaign to help fund Epping until it gets on its feet.  Above is the latest gnome Mr.Rainbow Sparkle Booties to find a new home with the lovely Angela Rich from West Wickham Spiritual Church.  Gnomes vary in price one like this is £10 and other which are more elaborate can be £25. 

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