Tuesday, September 29, 2015

We have decided we need a bigger venue to do a few promotions such as evening of clairvoyance,  psychic fayres and suppers.  If anyone knows of a building that has been boarded up for a long time and needs a big of T.L.C please contact us - anything around Epping, Harlow or those areas would be considered. I hasten to add we would still be at this lovely venue for workshops as it has a special energy.   We had a lovely evening at West Wickham Spiritual Church and we thank Angela Rich and Alan Mitchell Sleight for making us welcome.   Tomorrow evening we have a workshop with Anita Minza Raddigan has kindly step in with her "Flower Reading Workshop" - please bring a flower with you that only you have touched.  Starts as usual at 7.30 but arrive early for a cuppa, coffee, herbal teas and biscuits.  Please add for Beverley Swift to your healing list as she is very poorly and is off to India soon so needs all the healing she can get.  We look forward to her doing something in the future as I know there will be some very disappointed people.  On Sunday we are at the Island of Light the little sanctuary run by Barbara Barnes and will take the service Allison Davis will be joining is on the platform and after her magnificent messages at Chingford we are really looking forward to this.  This is as usual at the Barkantine Hall and we look forward to seeing you there.  The awareness group is going fairly well and we welcome new members only £3.   It is held every Monday at 7.30 and we have now split the group into two as we have students of different levels.  We also have a workshop coming up at Woodford Church on Sunday 11th October "Exploring Past Lives" £10 members and £12 non-members.  More details in our next post.  Our "Give a gnome a home" campaign is going very well and we have now also got a selection of crochet owls for sale, Christmas Booties and a gnome stocking amongst other things.  We have also recorded part of our CD and now only need to do the other half. 

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