Friday, November 20, 2015

Winter now approaches and we will be cutting down our activities at Epping until early Spring.  We have found that most people prefer to be tucked up in the warmth of their homes.  We will therefore be cutting activities in January to just one.  In December we have two evening workshops and one on a Saturday with Clare Teale being the first on the 9th of December.  Hopefully I will be there, but it is possible that I may have my cardio version done on that date and in that case Alan Albiston will be there to open up and welcome you to the event. Our last workshop on  "Mindfulness" with Martin Jones was very interesting and although small in numbers the evening  was very beneficial to all those who attended and we can say it was one of those evenings that was meant to be.  We highly recommend that you come next time Martin has a workshop. Our next workshop at South Woodford Spiritualist Church (  on the 5th December is "Make Your Own Oracle Cards " and it will be a series of workshops at different venues where techniques inspire you to pick various colours to create your own cards.  These cards can be used to meditate on or for doing readings and each image is unique.  We have now added to our " Give a Gnome a Home" campaign little leprechauns and the first of these is Liam who is pretty mischievous and ready to be welcomed by someone Leo and Lanky Lenny have now been added to the trio to date, but watch out for more.   These knitted fellows all will go to helping support our venture at Epping. 

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