Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy Beltane to everyone and there is a note of Spring in the air too.  What a lovely workshop yesterday at the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary.  Everyone received healing and went home relaxed.  In fact some members of the group were actually glowing.  It's sad the Angelo Gilbertoni will not be in the country much longer and is returning to the Phillipines, but until then he will be available at meeting to give healing for a donation (basically to cover the cost of hiring the space.  The energy in the Friends Meeting House is special and the garden a haven of peace in this hectic life.  It is indeed a special place and we feel it is a blessing for us to be able to hire it.  Our next meeting there is with Maggie Jones an evening of spiritual communication on the 11th May at 7.30 pm.  There will be a chance to sit in the peace of the garden or have some healing, which will relax and calm you amongst other things.  Our next workshop is at South Woodford Spiritualist Church on the 8th May with a workshop starting at 11am and finishing around 4pm entitled "Pathway to Spirit II - Creativity through Mindful Meditation".  So please come and join us.  Church members only £10 and if you are not a member £12.(,   Don't forget next week on the 5th of May we are at the little church in Walthamstow - service starts at 7.30 pm.   Please go and support the church so many of these small churches are having to close their doors because of the lack of support.  The address here is 39 Coleridge Road, London E17 6QX.  It is our firs time here and we are looking forward to meeting Carol.  I would also like to recommend a workshop on the 14th of May with Alan Albiston at Harrow National Spiritualist Church at 1 Vaughn Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 4DP. "Working with number colours".  Alan is highly recommended by us.  We are still selling our knitted critters, gnomes and owls to help support activities at the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary.   Pays for extras like advertising and helps us to stabilise the prices we charge so everything does not become too higher cost for the participants.  Finally we are thinking about running a trance circle? Who would be interested in sitting.  Please comment on here at the bottom with an email where we can contact you this would possibly be in Epping or London.

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