Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A day to be remembered

Firstly I would like to thank all those who attended our "Festival of Awareness" at Epping both those doing workshops, readings, therapies plus those who attending.  A special thanks to Alf Hunt, Martin Jones, Susan Griffiths, Sharon Law, Bea Cataldo Alan Albiston, Lorna Hunte, Tracey Forde Robinson, Rodney Forde and poor Daniel Naughnane being "Fanny in the Kitchen".  The weather was ideal and for our next "Festival of Awareness" Christine will be doing a conducted tour and an explanation about the origins of the venue, which has an amazing peaceful energy.  We were sorry Dee Dee (hope your health improves), Eagle Eye, Gillian Hatton and Amar Singh could not attend as they missed a fabulous day.  We are planning two more "Festivals of Awareness" one on the 1st October and another on the 29th October. More details in a future post.  Our next evening at Epping is on Wednesday 20th July with an evening of spiritual communication with Eva 0'Brian and her budding mediums. Entrance just £3 with tea and biscuits included.  Please come and support us.  Unfortunately due to reasons beyond our control we have had to cancel the "Cacoa Ceremony" advertised on the 30th of July and it is now fairly certain I will be doing a spirit art one so hopefully you will come and join us.  There will also be a slight change in the timings as it has been suggested to me people prefer a shorter day.  Please also remember we are available for group bookings, workshops, readings and church services  email rainbowhealingsanctuary@outlook.com or ring 07767 137377.  We are also serving both Stockwell Spiritual Church (this coming Sunday) and West Wickham Spiritual Church this month  as well us running Barbara Barnes's special at the Island of Light on the 24th of July after our workshop at Woodford  (www.woodfordchurch.com)

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