Thursday, December 22, 2016

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful abundant Yuletide and may 2017 bring abundance to each and everyone of you.  We are not opening the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary until 26thFebruary 2017 ahs most people seem to want to go under cover until the weather starts to show signs of Spring.  The first event will be with Les and Jacci Fuller a Shamanic Workshop - numbers are limited so message me in you want to attend.  It is our first Sunday event and will start a 1.30 pm until 6.30 pm.  This will be followed by another one of our special days "A Day with Spirit" on the 11th of March and will start at 1.30 pm and finish around 9 pm. There will be three mini workshops and the afternoon admission will include two mini workshops or talks  out of the five offered.  Those booked so far are Michael Redwin, Angie Macleod, John Jenkins, Linda Ferguson,  Sam Prigmore and Alan Albiston. We will also be doing one of these at South Woodford Spiritualist Church later in the year.   There will be therapies, healings and readings available for an extra charge. There will be more details give in a later post.  I had hoped to be able to post two videos one of Brendan Peters who is Barbara Barnes great grandson and another of Daniel Naughnane singing at the Carol Service at South Woodford Church, but I am having problems posting them. If I solve the mystery of how to do it I will do an another post before the end of the year.  Barbara as some of you may know runs the little sanctuary called the Island of Light.  We also want to send Neil Paton lots of healing please will you join us as he is going through a lot of stress both with the lose of his sister and his beloved dog Roxie.  We also want to wish Angie Macleod much success with her new venture in Wales. 

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