Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Into February

We set up a website group for people to help one another. There is a place for events and some members will be offering discounts.  There will be discussions and advise about funding.  Different ways to advertise and also recommendations for cheap insurance as well as cheap venues.           Brenda Diskin has set up this site so please take a look at her page.  Liz Gale is the first of our members to offer a discounted workshop on the 12th March Reiki I and II, which will be held in the salon of another member Rafia Ajaz.  Please contact either Liz or I via the website if you are interested or ring me on +447927 288904.  It will be at Romford.  There is also a course being arranged of alignment therapy on 9th February either in East London or Romford.  This is a gentle therapy of bone manipulation and aligning the skeleton structure, but I will let Ann Evans explain  We are also serving the David Nason Centre at Sydenham on the 19th February and then we are at docklands later in the month at the Island of light as Barbara Barnes is having one of her evenings of readings. I will update you on this as soon as I have details. I would also like to recommend Mike Keet who runs courses in Drury Lane , London, but also for those of you who don't want to travel an online hand reflexology course ( This year we  are also very determined to open a sanctuary this year and we have dreams, which we wish to turn into realities.  We feel the  web page is just a step in that direction and we are very grateful to Brenda Diskin for setting it up  Now our ideas for the sanctuary we wish to establish a place to be where you can have a place to discover who you are and develop your own intuition plus being able to enjoy a range of therapies.  We also would like a place that we can run shamanic workshops as well as linking to earth energies.  The must is a healing sanctuary both for humans and animals. We are now thinking along the lines of a crowd funding scheme that is and offering reading, workshops, picture of guides, psychic art and knitted goods.   We have also reopened our etsy site   We are starting new classes etc in late February need to settle dates though as we are waiting to see how the weather develops.  I hope you have all had a good start to the New Year as I know like us many of you have had these nasty viruses which seem to be gripping everyone.  We have however started a web group for people who would like to help one another.  So please join us as its only £10 a year and you will find lots of events starting to appear as our membership grows.  Brenda has also join go fund me so please look at her project.  She is offering a range of rewards.   Our little elfin mouse is just one of the many things we are doing to raise money so please have look. on Etsy.   Also if any of you know of an empty building that has been like it for a long time please email us on

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