Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Images

This is yet another image done on the 1st April and it really needs to be seen at different angles to get the full value of this piece of work,  There is an animal leaping up and an eye.  At one angle you can see a  figure on top of a column and if you could carefully you will see much more. I have enlarged the section with the figure on top of a column as it will be interest to here comments and if you compare these with those I posted on my previous post you can see how different they are. Below is another and the next time we are hoping to work with print making and no skills are needed as we will teach you everything you need to know.  Come and let your inner child be creative.  Our next workshop is on the Tuesday15th April and will start at 1pm to 5.30pm. You will be seeing lots of different images during the course and I will be showing different students work.  If you can't make this we will be having a one off Sunday workshop on May 4th from 1pm to around 4.30 pm. Followed by us taking the service in the evening.  So why not make a day of it.  These workshops all take place at Woodford Spiritualist Church so please come and join us.  Another small advanced notice we are at the White Rose Sanctuary on the 6th May, which is situated at Petts Wood very near the station.  We love this sanctuary as you are always guaranteed a warm welcome by Chris and Alan Oborne plus Jackie Nye. Admission here is only £3 and £5.   The auction on facebook is going quite well and we have been offered lots of love goodies from a past life regression session, readings, crochet dog coats, crystal healing sessions and pampers from www.ssalon.co.uk We will be offering more knitted toys plus, a party booking for 6 people and a workshop in your own home for 10 to 12 people. http://rainbowhealingsanctuary.co.uk

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