Thursday, April 17, 2014

Today I am adding a selection of pictures that have been produced up till now for our "Intuitive Ways With a Sketchbook".  This is an on going course and it isn't too late to join this exciting course as each day stands alone.  Last Tuesday we did some printmaking using the canvas that Mother Nature provides us with and some interest work was produced.  Here you will see a selection of this and those produced on the earlier workshops.  By the end of the day the energies had become so high we were rewards with orbs on the walls of the church.  It was all very,   very exciting as none of us had seen them before. This little print on the right look like there are two little owls sitting on a branch of a tree.  Hopefully after the next workshop we will show you even more example of work.  We are planning on holding the next one on 29th April, but due to the expected strike on the tubes there is a possibility we may be compelled to move it to the Thursday and hopefully this will be a one off.  Lets see what happens it will all be announced on the website and on the blog.  I have not yet checked whether we could  actually move it yet.  We have many more exciting ideas and ways of being creative.  Note you do not have to be able to draw to attend this course.  On April the 23rd we are back at one of our favourite churches Chingford, St.Francis Church, Hawkwood Crescent, London E4 7PH on the edge of Epping Forest where we always received such a warm welcome.  We are hoping to take Liz Gale with us again just so she can gain experience on the rostrum.  Liz is an excellent medium as well as a lovely human being and we hope soon she will be booked by churches in her own right.  On Sunday the 4th we are at Woodford Church ( all way firstly giving those people who cannot attend the Tuesday day time course a chance to participate in a taster of the "Intuitive Ways with Printmaking", but of course the Tuesday Students can come as well as they know each day produces different work with the combined energies of the group.  These workshops are an exciting new way to work so please join us if you can.  We will then be taking the evening service.  On the following Tuesday we are at Petts Wood, but more details of that in our next post. Take a look at the pictures below and see what your intuition is telling you about these pictures and let us know.

We will be working with different medias and forms of art throughout this series of workshops as well as inspiring people to write and produce poems and prose.  If you want dates of workshops click on to or this blog.  If you need more details please ring 07927 288904 or email us on  On the 25th April in the evening we are doing readings in Wimbledon along with Liz Gale, Nigel Irving,  Coleen Rechere and Sarah Jane. There will be some holistic treatments such as Reiki and Indian Head Massage available plus a book stall.  All readings and treatments £10.  The address is Merton Manor Club, 76 Kingston Road, Wimbledon, SW19 1LA.  Starts at 6 pm bound to be popular so arrive early. 


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