Thursday, November 20, 2014

Here are some more beautiful images as the prelude to our "Make Your Own Oracle Cards"  these courses will be starting in 2015 and these cards can be used to do readings or simply for meditation.  Each student produced completely different images (take a look at our previous post) and yet all were inspiring and we were.  It was so inspiring to see such awesome images with such amazing and dedicated students. They were a delight  to be with on every level.  As were the group last night in Epping.  Another successful evening and we are now becoming even surer that this is the right locality for a new sanctuary where not only ourselves, but other dedicated tutors will be able to teach and impart their knowledge to willing students.  Here this seems to be the norm.  I would like to thank all who attended and we are looking forward to an evening with Liz Gale and Nigel Irving on the 17th December - there will be an explanation of Yuletide ceremonies including the origins of traditional carols plus we are hoping a fruit mull laced with cinnamon etcetera as well as hot mince pies for those who eat them (and a few surprises including a free raffle). Next Monday the 24th November both Daniel and I are doing readings at Stockwell Spiritualist Church, St Michael's Road, London, SW9 0SL (for just £6 you can have a 15 minute reading with either Daniel or I).   He will be doing sand reading so why not pop along between 7 pm to 9 pm and get one as well as having time to socialise with like minded people.  I will also be bringing some of my naughty gnomes as well have the owls plus maybe a few owl mobile covers and heart key rings all of which make unique presents. 

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