Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Well Christmas has come early this year and it does seems  get earlier and earlier each year.  Stockwell Spiritualist Church had its Christmas Tree up and on that note I would like to thank Coleen Rechere  and Paula Clement for inviting us to do readings last Monday evening.  We hope everyone enjoyed their readings,  On the note of Christmas let talk about the old ways and remember Yule was celebrated in the past and still is by many people including ourselves.  The white goddess will descend and the earth will have her sleep time awaiting the rebirth in Spring.  We will be focuses on this on the 17th December with a mini presentation by a good friend and lovely lady called Liz Gale  who will delve into some of the traditions of the old ways together with Nigel Irving and explain the history of some carols which were originally from those times plus many other goodies in store including some mince pies and fruit mull. This will take place at Epping and more details will be posted nearer the event. Nevertheless it is going to be a brilliant evening as Liz is very knowledgeable just £6 which will include a free Christmas Raffle and as its special you will be allowed to donate another £1 for extra tickets.  We have cosy feet socks, a cuddly bear, a rabbit,  a reading with yours truly and there many other goodies and  a naughty Santa Gnome for all you naughty gnome fans.  Our awareness group at Woodford Spiritualist Church will be going on until the 5th December (last evening) when we will be closing for a season break and it will commence again in the New Year on 9th January ( at 7.15pm.  This coming weekend  the 30th December we are at the Island of Light the small centre run by Barbara Barnes.  A wee bit of an advanced notice on 21st December I am delighted to inform you that Daniel will be singing at the Carol Service at Woodford Spiritualist Church.  We have a lot of ideas and workshops planned at Epping for next year.  The first three are as follows Colour in Intuition, Colour in Healing and finally Sound Healing with Colour plus we have invited Alan Albiston, Michael Redwin, , Liz Gale, Sharon Law, Susan Griffith,  Martin Jones and his mum Maggie amongst others to do some workshops both in the evening and on Saturdays.  We are also looking for two things one is a larger hall in that area and secondly a large garage for storage.  Any help gratefully received.  Don't forget we are still selling knitted items to swell our funds for advertising and the hire of venues etc.  We now also have mobile phone cases of owls and a mini heart key ring to go with them as well as some new heart key rings and owls.  So please consider buying some of these for presents.  Finally do not forget that we have a workshop at the Ringway Community Centre, 268 Baring Road, Grove Park, S/E/12 tomorrow at 7.30 pm "Ask the Angels" which will include refreshments for just £6

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