Monday, December 1, 2014

Well December has arrived and we noted it is getting colder and more Wintery.  I will confess not my favourite time of the year as the cold, but mainly the ice doesn't suit me.  I am however looking forward to the Carol Service at Woodford Spiritualist Church at which Daniel will be singing and no doubt the lovely Pam too, whose voice is magic  ( and  also to the Yule celebration on the 17th December "Ring In the Yule" with Liz Gale and Nigel Irving at Epping on the 17th December. We have lots mentally lined up for 2015 at Epping including a healing workshop with Maggie Jones.  Our workshop at Grove Park went very well and numbers were very much improved although we still only just covered ourselves financially.  We are thinking of running an Evening of Clairvoyance there next year although are basic aim is to make Epping work as it has such a lovely feel and the energies are perfect.  Last night we served dockland and if you live in that area or care to pay the little church run by Barbara Barnes in docklands a visit your numbers would be appreciated.  Unfortunately like a lot of other churches it is struggling and we for two would hate to see it close. So many establishments are having this forced on the them by lack of numbers it is sad and Barbara has put not only time and energy into the Island of Light, but love.  Do watch this blog for news of next weeks service.  Next Friday will be the final awareness group for this year at Woodford Spiritualist Church, but we will be back on Friday night early in the 2015.  We still have our give a gnome a home campaign on and all gnomes are knitted to raise funds to help support Epping with advertising etc.  Mr.Shy paid a visit to dockland last night and he might well come to the awareness group on Friday.  All gnomes at the moment are £10 and owls vary in  p-rice from £10 to £15 plus postage (although they are on sale at Epping).  We have two events coming up one at Stockwell Spiritualist Church and another at Woodford Spiritualist Church before the end of the year. 


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