Wednesday, December 24, 2014

This comes to wish all our supporters whether students or those who read our blog seasonal greetings.  We also ask that on Christmas Day wherever you are that you come together jointly for world peace.  Our every home needs a gnome campaign is in full swing and we are hoping the little gnomes sent to America land safely (still haven't landed).  Gnomes cost just £10 each plus postage and money raise is being and going to be used to fund a spiritual sanctuary for education, healing and alternative therapies.  The carol concert at Woodford was a sheer delight with Reg Golding and then Daniel, Pam and Irene singing, but the icing on cake for us was our little man (Barbara Barnes's great grandson) getting up virtual unannounced and singing "There is a story to be told" a blessing and all in tune too.  One of our Naughty Santa Gnomes (Number Three) was a hit too with Sharon Law who gleefully grabbed him (and yes he is misbehaving).  We are also thrilled to pieces to announce that we have obtain places at the darshan in London on the 20th January 2015 (  In January it is very much in the air that we will be manning the fort at the "Island of Light" whilst Barbara is having her knee operation. Consequently and for that reason we will not be taking bookings until March as although she has been promised it should be in January as we all know there is no guarantee.  We hope for Barbara sake it happens as quickly as possible. We will however be taking cancellations if we are free one and Barbara isn't in hospital.  Yesterday evening we attended the last night of the "White Rose Sanctuary" at Petts Wood and for us it was quite sad, but we wish Christine and Alan Oborne a good retirement and a great big thank you for all the work over the past 25 years.  Daniel again sang a solo and the three mediums on the last night were Alan Acton, Gary Titheridge and Karren Cambridge

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