Saturday, December 13, 2014

Yesterday we had the pleasure of serving Stockwell Spiritualist Church for special fund raising event.  We would like to thank Coleen Rechere for collecting and taking us back to Victoria Station.  The church wasn't as full as we would have liked, as lots of people were away doing festive things at this time of the year.  Nevertheless we had a lovely encounter on Victoria Station making the acquaintance of this lovely little guy who was five years old and in human terms that is seventy plus.  He was a real little sweetheart, It was a present from the universe we felt. Our next event is at Epping and we are hosting the knowledgeable Liz Gale and her . partner in crime Nigel Irving so please come and join us for what we think will be a very interesting evening on the 17th December The event "Ring in the Yule" will start at 7.30 pm, but the doors will be open around 7 to 7.15 pm.  For those of you who have not been here before thje address is The Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping, CM16 4LL. Entrance only £6 and it will include a free raffle with some lovely prizes including a few reading and a cuddly bear (could possibly be a Santa Gnome).  Our next bit of good news is five of our gnomes are off to Pennsylvania and they will be buddies to some children.  There is a great deal of excitement in Gnomesville as you can imagine and a bit of competition going on as there are seven of them very eager to go.  We have lots of events being organised for 2015.  There will be two workshops with Alan Albiston the first of which is "The Spirit and Essence of Nature in Spring", More details of all this and other events soon and also of the carol service at Woodford Spiritualist Church. 

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