Thursday, December 4, 2014

I don't usually do a post so soon after the last one, but I want to ask those people who are therapists, tarot or angel card readers if they would like to help in a promotion in order to raise money for the sanctuary, centre, academy or whatever you like to call it.  We think we have settled on Epping or the surrounds.  We need to raise money to promote and rent space to do these.  We know at the moment the economy isn't at its best, but nevertheless we have made a start.  As some of you know we have had two very successful meetings in Epping already with two mini workshops and we are planning the next on the 17th December the lovely Liz Gale and her other half Nigel Irving "Ring in the Yule".  We want to expand next year and do a couple of holistic fayres as well as an evening of clairvoyance.  We need readers, therapists well as a stalls and the deal is a free table for all, but therapist and sellers must be willing to give a percentage of what they take for the fund..  We are also knitting like mad naughty gnomes and wise owls plus other goodies please consider buying one for our fund.  They make lovely presents so please consider buying something. On the 9th December we are at Woodford with the last workshop of the year "Intuitive Ways With a Sketchbook" and we will be making a few more oracle cards with two tools this time.  Going to be a fun day and I am sure everyone will enjoy it. It starts at 1pm and finishes at 5,30 pm followed by an open circle with Sharon Law and Shelley Joseph, which we are hoping to stay to.  Next year we will be running an oracle card workshop on the Tuesday and the cost will be £20  to cover the cost of materials plus teas, coffees and biscuits.  It will be based on nature and the runes.  The naughty gnome on this post already has a home.  He is a naughty Santa Gnome, but rewards good girls and boys.  I will be making a few more of these naughty Santa Gnomes so watch out. I am very pleased to also add five of the little naughty gnomes will be travelling across the pond before Yuletide. Please be aware that if the weather becomes inclement that is to say we have a bad fall of snow and it becomes icy the events our likely to be cancelled so please contact us on 07927 288904 before setting out.  Forecast are not good up to the months of February, but the forecaster as we know don't always get it right.

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