Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Happy New Year

Firstly we would like to thank all our supporters both those who read our blog or share it and those who attend our workshops and recommended them and wish them an abundant and rainbow blessed 2015 (not forgetting the churches we serve).  May you all receive that which you desire and what will push you further on your spiritual path.  We are hoping by this time next year the universe will have put us in the right spot and  the sanctuary will be functioning and well on its way to establishment.  We have a brilliant start to 2015 and have gained places for the darshan  with Mother Meera (www.mothermeera.org .uk).  We have had an interesting year and at long last we have found at least the area where we feel we ought to establish the sanctuary and have definitely made headway in that direction.  At this time of the year everyone's mind is set on the year ahead and wondering what it will bring.  We too are thinking about this and will share what we intend to do on New Years Eve (maybe you would like to join us).  Firstly we will thank the universe for what we have received this year and be grateful we have survived financially and give gratitude for all the blessings we have bestowed upon us.  We will then be writing our request to the universe and once done this paper will be burnt and released to the elements on New Years Eve.  The next idea was inspired by an article Daniel found in an observer magazine written by Mariella Frostrup.  She has a ritual on New Year's Eve where she writes a letter in the present tense as a dream scenario of where she would like to find herself a year later and then put this away and forgets about it.  She has kept these scraps of paper as she puts it and now sees how much of these things have manifested (not necessarily in that year, but nevertheless happened).  As she says how many of us are content with what we have and are constantly trying to get more instead of being satisfied with enough quote "There can't be a better way to change your fortunes than to learn to settle not for less, but enough" (The Observer Magazine 28th December 2014).  Don't forget the awareness group will be recommencing on the 9th of January 2015 (www.woodfordchurch.com), but also remember to check with us if the weather is bad (that is to say it is icy or snowing).  It starts at 7.15 pm and cost just £3.  Finally I will say a big thank you to those of you who have bought gnomes and owls.  Our give a gnome a home campaign has gone very well and all the funds are helping to support the venture we have .  I have started to write a blog, which I hope to illustrate and get published at some future date.  For those interested here is the link http://grandgnometour.blogspot.co.uk  The gnome below is one of our Valentine Gnomes, which will be slightly more expensive than some of the others £15, but will come will a small heart shaped key ring (can have an initial put on).

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