Monday, March 30, 2015

We had a lovely day in Hertford and Ware thanks to Alan Albiston and it was indeed a very healing day as you can see from the photographs on here.   We are pleased the  workshop was so well attended and with some of those from the awareness group plus from Epping.  We would really like to thank them for coming along and hope to do some more workshops around that locality.  We would also like to thank Dawn and Andy Tomsett for looking after us not only that evening, but on Saturday as well and we had another lovely healing day.  We would also like to thank Clare for inviting us. Last Sunday we were working at the Island of Light the lovely little church run by Barbara Barnes, which was a very successful evening, but I would like to congratulate both Jasmine Rose and Alan Key for their work and say well done both of you.  Next Wednesday April 1st we are back at one of our favourite little churches Chingford - the evening starts at 7.30 and the address is 113 Hawkwood Crescent, Chingford, E14 7UH.   Them of course there is the usual awareness group on Friday evening at Woodford to which everyone is welcome and on Saturday morning we have a stand alone workshop "Inspired  Spiritual Creativity"  1 pm to 4 pm.  Then on the 8th of April we are back at Epping with a taster workshop "Manifest Your Dreams" but more of this in our next post. 

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