Friday, February 12, 2016

We have lots of exciting events in the pipeline the first of which is a workshop with Alex Camies who incidentally has been trying her hand at spirit art and I think she has done well in her first three attempts, but the workshop she is facilitating is "Gateway to Dreams" on 26th February 2016 at 7.30 pm only £7,  which includes light refreshments and a free raffle.  This will be followed on 5th March at 12 noon till 5 pm an all day workshop with Alan Albiston "Discovering Water Readings"  at just £20 with light refreshments and a free raffle. Don't forget this coming Sunday 14th February we will be at the Island of Light doing readings starts at 6.30 pm so come around 6.15 pm as there will be some good mediums Alan Albiston, Micky Ivers, Daniel Naughnane, Karl Greyston and myself.  We are having some very interesting feedback from our CD and have now got a further 100 copies for sale.  One person told me that she felt so relaxed while listening to it - note not meditating to it that she got more work done in two hours than she had all day. Another lady who I told no you can't listen to it while driving did just that and said it made her so calm that it stopped her getting road rage and her children who normally squabble were as good as gold. Beginning to wonder!!! The picture on the right is one of Alex'x but she has copied it into a new type of attachment, which your truly can't get to grips with.  I will endeavour to take some pictures myself and repost all three.  This is the information she got that went with the picture.
 "Got the feeling that this man passed before his time, and that he didn’t want to go but left it too late. Possible suicide. Was told ‘they didn’t know me’ & ‘blow the candles out for me’, and ‘a bridge too far’.
A bit of a ‘Jack the Lad’ Loved fashion. Has strong impression of a Pork Pie hat. Impression also of the style ‘Mod’ in fashion. Got a Teddy Boy jacket and thick crepe sole shoe, Not necessarily both same man.
Got also:- call up (army) and the saying ‘soldier on’. Brass band. French knickers. Nancy boy. Nice cream (NOT ice cream). Afternoon delight. Anchovies. Names John and Jennifer. June anniversary."   Alex Camies 9.2.16
If anyone recognises anything in relation to this please email

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