Sunday, January 31, 2016

I have had my heart procedure and as long as it holds (and its going to do exactly that) my heart will be back in rhythm a new younger me.  I need to still go for check regularlyin regard to my warfarin level though.   We are looking forward to our first venture back into the spiritual world (work wise) on the 14th February in dockland for our lovely friend Barbara Barnes at the Island of Light. So why not come and have a Valentine Day's reading.  Mediums booked are myself, Daniel Naughnane, Micky Ivers, Martin Mullen and Alan Albiston.  Starts at 6.30 pm, but come early to this popular event.  On the 23rd February we will be reopening Epping which was closed for the festive season.  Our first workshop is with Alex Camies and is called "Gateway to Dreams" starts at 7.30 pm and doors open at 7 pm.  Please come early entrance £7 which includes refreshments and a free raffle.  Our first Saturday workshop will be on March 5th with Alan Albiston "Discovering Water Readings"  and starts at noon finishing at 5 pm £20 (again this will include all light refreshments and a free raffle).  Please note if there is any snow or ice please ring us on either 07767137377 or 07930144380 as our other number starting with 07927 isn't functioning due to an on going problem with the mask in this area.   Our first workshop this year at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( is on 26th March title to be announced.  Don't forget every Monday at 7.30 we are at the church with our awareness group everyone welcome and only £3.  We will have our meditation CD available at all the events just £9.99 and these can also we posted see our website and we can also mail abroad.  Email  We are looking forward to the Chinese New Year with the hope things for everyone will improve as the Year of the Fire Monkey arrives. 

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