Saturday, June 4, 2016

Shamanic Workshop

Our next workshop is on Saturday 11th June at our usually venue in Epping and we are looking forward to see Jacci and Les Fuller plus a shamanic workshop.  I am sure it will be a great day whatever Les's guides have inspired him to do.  It starts at 12 0'Clock - please bring a packed lunch, but there will be teas, coffees, herbal teas and biscuits,  Our next workshop is at the end June with the lovely Alan Albiston.  I would also like to announce our Festival of Awareness on July 9th at Epping.  It will be a day of complete relaxation with mini workshops ,talks, meditations, therapies and readings.  It will start around 12.30 and entrance is only £3, everything apart from readings and therapies are free plus a donation for teas and coffees which will be made at intervals during the day.  If the weather is kind to us you can sit for a while in the beautiful garden amidst the peace and tranquillity.  We have the following mediums and therapist coming that day  Alan Albiston, Alfred Hunt, Martin Jones, Sharon Law, Jasmine Rose, Lorna Hunte, Tracey Forde-Robinson, and Daniel Naughnane for some.  We will be making further announcements as the month progress and telling you what every one will be doing including hopefully someone reading tea leaves.  We would also like to draw your attention to another events at the end of July with Rebekah Shaman who will be doing a Cocoa Ceremony and has spent lots of time in the Amazon with a shaman.  This is a ticketed event and the cost is £20 payable to or regulars can buy tickets from us at either the venue or at circle.  We are still selling the knitted and crochet stuff and I have added these little fellows on the left to our list (design   Please ring 07767 137377 or email us on  Lastly we would like to send our condolences to Coleen Rechere at her sad loss.  Words cannot express how our heart goes out to her and to Larry Smith may you rest in the arms of the angels. 

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