Saturday, August 13, 2016

Firstly I would like to ask people if they would like some "Festivals of Awareness"  in other areas.  We are also looking for people who make handmade stuff as sellers as we intend to look for some bigger venues.  Our next one at Epping is on the 29th October and there will be several workshops on offer.  That is to say "An Angel one with David Irwin", "A dream one with Alex Camies" and "A fairy one with Sharon Law".  The next workshop is on the 20th August with Alan Albiston "Inspired By Nature" .  We then will not be having any other workshops until the 3rd of September as we know that August tends to be holiday time and many people are away.  We have a love programme organised with workshops with excellent mediums such as Beverley Swift, Susan Griffiths, Alan Albiston, Michael Redwin and Stephanie Barrows.  We are now looking for ways to fund the sanctuary and if anyone has any ideas then we would love to hear them.  Meanwhile we are still knitting and crocheting items which are for sale. It is our main way of fund raising apart from readings and workshops (so please support us if you want us to continue).  If you need anymore information please ring 07767 137377 email  The pictures on here are of one of our favourite churches

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