Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Rainbow Healing Sanctuary has lots of interesting workshops lined up for everyone on the spiritual path or just starting out.  Firstly we have two more "Festivals of Awareness" arranged with lots of wonderful mini workshops, therapies, readings plus an evening of spiritual communication. Most of the workshops will be free once you have paid the entrance £3 with the exception of the trance and anyone who is coming from a great distance as fares need to be covered.  Obviously readings and therapies are extra.  Our next two will include an angel workshop, a dream workshop, a fairy workshop amongst others plus trance with Maggie Jones and Daniel Naughnane.  The first of our workshops at Epping this coming month is with yours truly "Connecting to the Angelic Realms" which is on the 10th August and then on the 20th we have Alan Albiston with "Inspired by Nature" Then in September two workshops which for anyone on the spiritual paths are musts and both tutors come highly  recommended by myself. The first is with Beverley Swift "Exploring Your Spiritual Wellbeing" on the 3rd.  I have previously attended this workshop and its excellent.  This is on the 3rd September and then on the 24th we have a workshop with Susan Griffiths "Healing the Sensitive - How to stop the Hurt and start to live" and then on the 14th we are delighted to have Angie Macleod for our evening of Spiritual Communication.  On the 17th September we are back at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( with a workshop "Tools of Spirit" .  I would also like to draw your attention  to some news which we deem is very important.  Click on following link (we have no doubt there will be more studies done which will negate this, but its a step in the right direction.  We would also like to acknowledge the kindness of two people who attend our workshops who have given us lifts bless them Alex Camies (who will be doing a dream workshop at both awareness events) and Tracy Ann Hamilton.  We still have a few CDs for sale and plenty of knitted items which swell our funds for the sanctuary.The amazing sunset on this post was taken at West Wickham after our recent visit to the church there.  Thank you to all the committee for making us so welcome. For more details of any of these events please ring the following number 07767 137377 or email   

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