Friday, September 9, 2016

We have now decided that we need to find another venue as well as the one we have to extend our activities and invite more people to facilitate workshops.  What we really need is a building of our own and a sponsor.  Have asked the universe for help/  We have a small change in our programme and that is that Angie Macleod will not be our medium at Epping as her chest infection is still lingering - please send healing.  Instead we are very fortunate that John Jenkins has kindly stepped  in and although he is relatively new to the platform we can recommend him highly.  We are at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( on the 17th September with a workshop which starts at noon and finishes at 4 pm only "The Many Tools of Spirit" only £7 members none membership £9.  Then the next workshop at Epping is with the lovely Susan Griffith "Healing the Sensitive" it is suitable for beginners as well as those more advanced students as if our own workshop.   If you need any knitted presents please consider buying one of ours as all profits go to funding the sanctuary.  We also are available for readings and group sittings 07767 137377 or email  Next post will contain details of the fair we are attending in Hartley Kent on 9th October and our own Festival of Awareness on 29th October.

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