Saturday, October 15, 2016

Festival of Awareness

We are sorry that we haven't updated our blog recently, but we seem to have been rushed off our feet plus my numerous hospital appointments.  We have also had to cancel the 19th of October at Epping due to unforeseen circumstance's Sharon Law has had to cancel.  All beyond her control and we will be inviting her to do the workshop she had planned "Find Your Inner Rainbow".  We will however be staging our "Festival of Awareness" on the 29th October and the first workshop will be at 1 pm, but we open at 12.30 pm.  The mini workshops will be an angel workshop, a dream workshop, graphology workshop and a fairy workshop plus readings and therapies. The tutors will be Alex Camies, David Irwin, Ruth Lipkin and Sharon Law.  There will also be a selection of crystals which Amar Singh will be bringing. We will have a selection of our knitted and crochet items - so consider buying a Christmas Present all profits go to funding the sanctuary. The entrance fee is £3 which includes your mini workshops and the trance is £4 and the evening £3 so why not purchase an all day ticket which will give you access to a raffle.  We also have various readers including Angie Macleod, Alf Hunt, Daniel NaughnaneJohn Jenkins, Martin Jones, Susan Griffiths and Sharon Law.  On 30th October we will be at the Island of Light doing readings at the wee sanctuary run by Barbara Barnes, which I believe starts at 6.30 pm.  Please also send healing to Liz Gale, Alan Albiston and Angie Macleod plus a wee bit for myself. An advanced notice in November there will be a trance workshop which is basically for beginners.

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