Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Events and update

What a lovely day inspiring and interesting day was had by everyone who attended our one day "Festival of Awareness" last Saturday.  The first workshop of the day was with David Irwin an inspirational blend I understand, followed by a lovely fun one with Sharon Law and finding your inner fairy.  Next in line came Alex Camies with her dream workshop and some completely new cards were unleashed helping all to understand themselves and their dreams.  Then the workshop which followed was one waited for with great excitement as we all felt this was long overdue and nobody was disappointed when Ruth Lipkin explain the about graphology and how it can be used intuitively. The feedback we have received is unbelievable.  There were those doing reiki and shamanic healing Angie Macleod and again everyone was blown away by the healing too and again I received wonderful feedback.  Daniel Naughnane's inspirer gave an interesting talk followed by a questions and answer session.  Amar Singh brought a wonderful selection of crystals and can be contacted for more on 07969 944099 and I add he really knows his stuff. We would also like to thank John Jenkins and Alan Albiston for their contributions (several lovely comments about John's  Despite the minor disruption the day went very well.  My only complaint was on a personal note that I couldn't attend any of the workshops as I was mainly manning the door with Daniel running here there and hither.  In the evening we had a superb demonstration of communication with Alfred Hunt from Basingstoke and Alan Albiston (magical). Sadly poor Martin Jones was wiped out with a really nasty bug and we send him lots of healing and thoughts for s speedy recovery. Our next Festival of Awareness is on the 10th of December and so far those committed to the event are Liz GaleAlan Albiston, Sharon Law, Sam Prigmore, Alex Camies and its growing bit by bit (more details soon). The next day we were at the Island of Light the week sanctuary run by Barbara Barnes, which went extremely well too and thanks to Coleen Rechere we were home a lot earlier than expected.  Our next event at Epping is on the 9th November and is an Evening of Spiritual Communication with Angie Macleod.  Starts at 7.30 and entrance is £4.  We are at Woodford Spiritual Church on 13th November with a workshop entitled "Working with Magic of the Angels" (www.woodfordchurch.com).  We are still selling our knitted and crocheting to raise funds for the sanctuary.  We can be rung on 07767 137377 and emailed on rainbowhealingsamctuary@outlook,com

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